About Gwama


The Gwama community lives in the western part of Ethiopia, in the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, Mao-Komo special woreda. Some live in the neighbouring parts of Oromia State, Gambela State and across the Sudanese border.

The Gwama are active farmers. They like to work in groups to prepare the fields. Afterwards they will have a party and dance together. 

They also have a great knowledge of the bush with all its natural resources. Moreover, they gather honey, which is a delicacy.

The Gwama have many traditions connected to for example marriage, hunting with a baŋa stick, making beer and many more.

The Gwama language belongs to the Koman branch of the Nilosaharan language family. It has an official writing system since 2013 (2006 Ethiopian Calendar). Gwama is in use in the home, market and other domains of life, and there are also FM radio broadcasts. Its use in education is increasing.